Rosalie Molloy is a brand and creative consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

With a background in PR and Communications, paired with a focus on lifestyle, accessories and beauty brands, Rosalie developed a skill set that touched content, brand strategy, social media and communications.

Finding her inspiration in lighting and beauty in the ‘messy’, what began as a hobby culminated when she founded her creative studio, Not Saving Lives Creative.  Although her platform began as a place to hone her creative skills it has evolved into a space that reaches beyond what is simply aesthetically beautiful but a space to connect.

Fusing together her love for vintage bohemian and modern touches, Rosalie’s aesthetic is both recognisable and consistent. She now shares her musings through her blog and social media channels.


A passion project turned creative studio, Not Saving Lives was born out of the desire to breathe life into brands. A creative studio, curated by Rosalie Molloy, dancing the fine line between traditional branding, and content creation.

Fluent in the language of storytelling, we specialise in creative still life styling and photography, while maintaining a particular penchant for branded copy, social media and creative consulting.

With a flare that is decidedly feminine, and detail oriented, we work with you to build a strong brand identity through visual medium. Consistently striving to mould an aesthetic that is identifiable, engaging and relevant to your audience. 

 You'll find our work littered across the pages of, 
Country Road, Jo Malone, Estee Lauder, One Fine Day,  and The Beach People among others.