We as a species lurrrvvvee the likes – we’re infatuated with social gratification. When we love something, we share it, we talk about it, and this shouldn’t be a problem until the end result is a society that is fuelled by social media. The issue here is the undercurrent of beautiful people valuing themselves based on a small number as an indication of how pretty/cool/creative/engaging they are.

What is a like worth to you? What is its social equivalent? A hug? A handshake? A hi-5? Why do we hold this in such high regard and allow it to infiltrate our perceptions of our own value. Would you care if so-and-so, down the road, friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend didn’t say “Ohhhh obsessed with your dress!” when they ran into you at the shops? If the answer is no – and it should be because you already know your dress is fire – then why does this mean anything to you.

It is, of course an indication of appreciation. You'll find, more often than not, those who engage with your posts - whether that be a damn cute picture of your pup, a restaurant "check-in" or a highly curated Instagram post (that took minimum 183 shots to get) - are generally interested in you and your life and that holds meaning to you.

However, if a single click represents that, then what does a lack of a click imply? Disinterest? How we consume media on these platforms changes so rapidly, your feed is saturated with content – literally SO MUCH CONTENT! You could scroll for hours and miss things, aimlessly scrolling to feed your boredom. There is nothing considered or deliberate in that, however we absolutely perceive it this way, basing that assumption off nothing more than our own scroll habits.


It’s in our nature to seek gratification on social media from people who’s opinion you trust, value and admire, and when we’re proud of shit, we put it up, - it’s the new humble brag. But at our own expense, these platforms also foster your own doubts. Clicks cloud your judgement and you fail to see yourself, your life and your relationships for what it is; powerful.

This does not equate to your value, this space, should simply amplify it. You are more than your Instagram feed, your Facebook check-in, your profile picture, your likes. You are far more.

Sharing is a beautiful thing, it creates connection, shortens distances and allows you to feel closer to people that are far away. Sharing in the small (or big) moments of their life. What a beautiful tool we have at our fingertips a space to receive inspiration, kind words and share our creativity – use it that way.

Less likes, more love. Starting with yourself.