I have been sitting on this for at least 4 years (at least!). I wanted to create a space where I could share my thoughts in a way that might be a little powerful, even just to one person, (and wouldn't clog up your Instagram feed).

Way back when - read: 4 years ago - I was stressed, and overworked, and impassioned, wanting to do so much and feeling like I was achieving the bare minimum. The ~ stress ~ culminated often and I had a friend at the time who always used to bring me back to Earth, with the reminder that my problems - my stress - my workload, was not going to crush me. Life would carry on and everything would get done (it always does).

I know; the world doesn’t really need another blog, not in the slightest, but if you've sought this out, maybe you're looking for a little inspiration, a little reassurance, to maybe read something relatable or to immerse yourself in something aspirational. And this, well this is a little home to share things I love. A place to share things that are real and raw sometimes and simply beautiful other times.

This is me finding a new love in the online, to connect and share with you.