1. There is nothing glorious about being busy, it is however important to work hard.

2. You die in bed. The best advice my Stad (Step-Dad) ever gave me – although I didn’t appreciate this at 7am on a Saturday morning, he was right, it’s better to get up and get on with it.

3. Dancing can fix everything. I promise you. Over the past few weeks I’ve roped a few friends into a dance class with me – Groove Therapy (emphasis on the therapy), it is just for feel good people who love to groove, laugh and you leave feeling a whole lot lighter.

4. It’s okay to sit on the sideline. Sometimes you learn the most by watching, so take a backseat on occasion and soak up all the incredible people and skills around you.

5. Invest in your relationships. Including your relationship with yourself. If you are your harshest critic, cut yourself some slack and silence that nasty voice in your head. If you wouldn’t talk about someone else that way, then you shouldn’t talk about yourself like that.

6. Always sleep on it. An idea, a feeling, an action – it is almost always best to sleep on it, morning brings a new perspective.

7. Capture as much as you can. When you’re old and grey you definitely won’t regret the 90,000 photos on your iPhone.

8. Try an Aperol Spritz (you’re welcome!)

9. You should ALWAYS wave when someone lets you in, in traffic. Manners people, manners.

10. You’re a work in progress, it’s totally fine if some days you’re more 50% complete than 80%


11. Delight in the small things. Like a really good coffee, a great song on the radio at the right time, a dose of fresh air – if you enjoy the little moments, they will become the big moments.

12.  Be a tourist in your own city. You probably live in an amazing city that hundreds of thousands of people dream of visiting, get amongst it!

13. You can literally get by with a can of dry shampoo and mascara.

14. Your family is by far the best thing that you will ever be blessed with. Incomparably the most magical people you will ever know.

15. Don’t take yourself too seriously, you’ll have a lot more fun and be a lot more memorable.

16. Don’t leave your packing to the last minute!!! Trust me, you’ll end up in Bali with no underwear or at the airport without a passport…

17. Your age does not define your ability. It’s never too late to start something, or totally change course, and you’re never too young to have an impact.


18. There is no rush. You’re not bound by how anyone else chooses to live their life, go at your own pace and make it count.  

19. Being able to quote movies is a surprisingly useful skill! It’s one of the easiest ways to bond with a stranger.

20. 80% of your life is not what happens to you but how you react to it.

21. Take the time to wrap a present really well. This has such an impact on the people receiving the gift – I’m surrounded by amazing gift wrappers and when your friends can coordinate the confetti colour to match the font on the inside of your card and you barely get a gift bag together you really notice the difference.

22. Get lost in a book, a really good one. Dedicate hours to it, then give it to a friend when you’re finished, some of my most treasured gifts are second hand books.

23. Buy yourself a dressing gown – I’m talking a fluffy (probably pink) warm thing, it will be your most comforting piece you own. I unashamedly wear mine all the time…

24. Be present!! Put down your phone (my family will think this is rich coming from me) but I truly think there is nothing more valuable to your family and friends than your time and attention.

25. Kindness above everything, no exceptions.