I’m the first person to acknowledge that I am no expert at beauty. A lot of the actually knowledge far supersedes my understanding, to get an accurate and proper understanding of ‘retinol’ you probably need to go somewhere else (enter beauty authorities, Emma Hoareau, Gemma Watts, Eleanor Pendleton). What I will show you are products that I find easy to use - for a beauty novice - and that slot really easily into my day. From me you probably won’t get a 15 step beauty program that changes each month - simply because that is beyond my capabilities as a human, to travel, go to work, cook dinner, keep my sanity and remember a 15 step routine. It’s just not going to happen.

I will talk about products I’ve been so fortunate to try, share any ones that have changed my life, or just make me feel like I’ve got my life together. Low maintenance, simple and effective.

With that said, here are some beauty buys I’m lusting after or am loving at the moment, that I’ve probably heard about from one of the aforementioned beauty superstars.

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Bear beauty duet

I’m enchanted by the idea of beauty from the inside out. It just rings so true when you think about what you put in your body on a day to day basis and how that effects everything - your mood, your appearance, how you feel. I say this from the preachy position of having just downed an entire bowl of spaghetti meatballs (my fav!) but you know ~balance~

Regardless, I’m itching to try this, besides the beyond packaging, to see if I can not only see a visible difference but more importantly, feel it. Also apparently it tastes delish!


JO MALONE Wood Sage & sea salt fragrance

Holy crap you guys, this one knocked my socks off. I am a hard core Chloe girl, flirting with different fragrances here and there whenever I got a newbie, and maybe my affair lasted a few days, weeks or on the odd occasion, but Chloe is my signature fragrance.

It’s been about a month now and I’ve worn this scent every single day. I am obsessed. There is a freshness and a sophistication about it that I love and I’m not sure when/if I’ll go back.

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playa dry shampoo

Dry shampoo in general is my beauty MVP. If I had to choose it would definitely be among the products I would prefer not to live without.

I’ve been using Batitse for as long as I can remember, and it has done me no wrong (it’s actually the bomb!) but I’d really like to try Playa as a bit of a luxury - at a $46 price point, it’s not cheap - but the entire brand ethos is built around maintenance, simplifying your routine and bringing out the best from your hair and that is definitely alluring.